Key Business Analytics:
The 60+ Business Analysis
Tools Every Manager Needs To Know

The essential tools to turn data into insights!

Key Business Analytics:
The 60+ Business Analysis
Tools Every Manager Needs To Know


Bernard Marr

A vital insight to analytics for every business

Analytics are essential in any modern business. They help you make better decisions, develop your strategy and identify growth opportunities in business.

Key Business Analytics provides easy access to the most powerful analytics tools. Whether you are a busy manager, business analyst or data professional, you can unlock the insights behind the data and improve your business performance.

Covering over 60 approaches, this jargon-busting book provides a practical overview of analytics tools and explains how to use them. It will help you to understand some of the most valuable analytics techniques, the areas in business to apply them to and how to turn data into insights. From scenario analysis to data mining, learn how to interpret your data and transform the way you make business decisions. It’s the essential guide for every manager.

Analytics is something every business needs to stay competitive in today’s data-filled world. A comprehensive guide, Key Business Analytics covers everything you need to know about this extensive topic. With over 60 analytics tools and approaches, you’ll discover when to use them and how to use them, along with plenty of tips and potential traps.

An essential toolkit, Key Business Analytics includes:

  • Key analytics techniques
  • Data collection methods
  • Financial analytics
  • Market analytics
  • Customer analysis
  • Employee analytics
  • Operational analytics


Straightforward, engaging and entirely practical – Bernard Marr provides a comprehensive toolkit to rigorously analyse all aspects of your business.’

Dr Simon Boucher, Chief Executive, Irish Management Institute


‘Why was this book not written earlier? Key Business Analytics is an excellent compendium of the analytics tools you really need, explained in a way that is practical and rigorous.’

Robert Shaw, Honorary professor of marketing analytics, Case Business School


‘Many business and technology leaders are aware of the opportunities advanced analytics can bring to their businesses but struggle to to define how exactly value is going to be generated. Bernard Marr has produced a book that fills a substantial gap in the analytics literature, He gives, with great detail, insights as to how virtually any business can benefit from modern analytics. This book must be a reference to practitioners and manager, as well as technologist.’

Dr Ahmed Khamassi, Global Head of Insights, Wipro Digital


‘This book demystifies analytics and provides a practical guide for any business professional. Bernard Makes it clear which methods and processes are applicable to a wide range of business needs.’

Rick Clayton, Vice President Business Analytics, Oracle


‘This book is a must-have for anyone trying to navigate the data analytics landscape. Thoughtfully organised and full of practical, real-life cases, this handy reference will help you cut through the big data hype and understand the many ways that analytics can benefit your business. Whether you are new to analytics or a big data guru, this book should be on your desk.’

Skott Etkin, Writer, Journalist, and Editor, Data Informed.


‘While early adopters are busy implementing business analytics solutions, a majority of business leaders are just beginning heir analytics focus and need a jargon-free reference guide. Bernard Marr’s book is this guide. Her provides readers with a non-technical, high-level overview of seven critical areas of analytics. He defines terminology, types of analytics and business areas that can quickly see benefit from analytics. Each area is practical an chides managers toward quick ways to get up to speed and join the conversion. I highly recommend this book for managers feeling excluded from todays’s business analytics conversation.’

Geta Roberts, CEO, Talent Analytics, Corp.


‘An essential reference guide which demystifies the complexity surrounding analytics techniques. This book offers practical examples and advice on where to implement data analytics for maximum return.’

Leigh Bates, Director, Advanced Risk and Compliance Analytics, PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP


‘Marr’s new book Key Business Analytics is a must read for any professional who wants to stay current. The explanations are clear, consists and will bring you up to date in the field of business analytic and big data.’

Vladimir Melnik, Director, Data an Analytics, Accenture

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