Gary Crates, Commercial Director, DHL

  Bernard Marr profoundly challenges many prevailing assumptions about measurement and management. It is your chance to be enlightened. If you feel that you are measuring the wrong things, if you feel you haven't identified all your intangible value drivers, and if, like DHL, you think you should, then talk to him.  

Bernard Marr conducts internationally recognised research studies in the fields of business performance, management, strategy & planning, analytics, big data, AI, tech transformation, and many others. Bernard honed his research skills during his time at Cambridge University and Cranfield School of Management and has conduced many studies that are published in top-quality peer-reviewed journals.

Today, most of his research projects are either studies for corporate clients who want to get insights into specific areas or trends, or empirical data collections for his books, white papers, eBooks, case studies, or other writing projects.

Research projects span from individual case studies, multiple case studies, industry specific studies, country studies or global studies. Bernard Marr has delivered successful research projects for clients including Accenture, AICPA, CMA Canada, Cisco, CIMA, Oracle, Fujitsu, Actuate Corporation, Talend, Rocket Software, Walmart, and many others.


Bernard Marr is an experienced keynote speaker who brings a wealth of practical experience and an ability to engage any audience through storytelling and real-world examples from many of the world’s best-known brands. Bernard has a unique ability to make even the most complex of topics interesting, accessible and easy to understand.


Bernard Marr is an extremely experienced consultant who has worked with many of the world’s best-known companies and government organisations. Bernard usually provides strategic advisory services at the top of the organisation that help them deliver more intelligent business performance.


Bernard Marr can provide content writing and influencer services ranging from blog posts and content marketing to webinars, thought leadership white papers and even customised books.


Bernard Marr is a very experienced trainer who has designed and delivered customised in-house training for many of the world’s leading companies and government organisations. He can customise the content specifically to your industry, deliver the course in a format that works for you and address the unique training needs in your organization.

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