Bernard Marr is one of the world’s most experienced business consultant in the field of strategy, business performance and technology transformation. He has worked as a consultant for many of the world’s best known companies and government agencies. Here are some of the consulting services Bernard offers:

Strategy and Goal Development

Bernard Marr helps organisations identify and agree strategic goals, create a Plan-on-a-Page and articulate goals in achievable and measurable objectives and key results. Bernard works closely with executives and stakeholders to develop goals and objectives that deliver success and align every part of the organisation.

Strategy Execution & Business Performance Management

Most organisations fail to deliver on their strategic goals because they lack the business performance management processes to ensure their plan gets executed. Bernard Marr help organisations establish the right processes, tools and culture to ensure successful delivery. Bernard can help put in place the right goal setting, continuous performance review and performance monitoring processes.

Sam Tirodkar, Chief Data Officer, Shell, Downstream - Global Commercial & Chemicals

   Bernard Marr partnered with us to deliver a high-quality data strategy that has resonated with business and technical stakeholders at all levels of our organisation. Bernard brings a wealth of external experience and his knowledge of the field combined with his pragmatic and practical approach was a perfect fit for our working team. It was a pleasure to work with Bernard and together we were able to co-create a data strategy that has been shared widely across the RDS Shell group as a best practice example.   

Data Strategy Development

Data has become today’s most valuable business asset, which is why every company needs a data strategy. Bernard Marr is not only the author of the book on Data Strategy but has vast experience working with companies across the globe on their data strategies. If you would like a solid data strategy facilitated by one of the world’s leading expert, then get in touch.

AI Strategy Development

Artificial Intelligence is the most transformative technology available to businesses today and a key driver of the 4th industrial revolution. It will transform every sector, offer many new business opportunites and have wide-reaching implications for every single business. As one of the leading experts on AI, Bernard Marr helps companies strategically leverage AI to drive future business success.

Gladys Karuri, Principal Executive Director - Strategy, Finance and operations, Britam

   Bernard Marr is an amazing enterprise performance consultant, trainer and facilitator. His work helped us gain clarity on strategic objectives, information and data needs, KPIs, Analytics and Big Data needs as well as dashboards and performance reporting. I would recommend Bernard for all Strategy and Performance consultancy and training work.   

KPIs, Business Metrics And Key Results

Metrics are the life-blood of successful companies. Whether you call them KPIs, metrics or key results, they enable orgnisations to track progress and assess performance relative to their strategic goals and objectives. Bernard Marr is the world’s leading expert on measuring and monitoring business performance. He is the author of world-wide bestselling books on KPIs and has helped many of the world’s best known companies and government organisations develop meaningful and relevant performance indicators.

Digital Transformation Strategy

We have never lived in times of faster and more transformative technological innovation. Technologies that have a major impact on businesses during this 4th industrial revolution include AI, big data, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, the Internet of Things, robots, smart devices, and quantum computing. Bernard Marr has a firm grip on all the latest tech trends and can help organisations prepare for and thrive in this new digital environment.

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Catherine Célingan, Sr Director, Pfizer

   Bernard is as an extremely competent, confident and effective enterprise performance consultant and coach. He skilfully facilitated the development of a strategic performance management framework for the Medical organization of our biotech company – comprising of a strategy map, key business questions and KPIs that will help us answer them. In addition, he provided excellent advice, training and coaching on how to create a high performance culture and inculcate fact-based decision-making. His work helped us understand best practices in measuring, analysing and managing performance. Bernard is very good at working with groups of senior leaders and has a rare ability to make a complex project flow effortlessly.   

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