Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Bernard Marr is a popular keynote choice because of his vast practical experience with many of the world’s best known companies and governments, his ability to stay on top of the latest trends, his talent to engage audiences of any size through story telling and analogies, as well as his gift to explain even the most complex business and technology concepts in simple and understandable ways.

Mohammad Shokoohi-Yekta, Data Scientist At Apple

  I Attended Bernard's Talk At The Predictive Analytics Forum In Amsterdam. It Was One Of The Most Inspiring And Informative Talks I Have Ever Seen  

Some of his most popular keynote topics include:

  • Artificial intelligence – the most transformative and powerful technology humans have ever had
  • AI in practice (Bernard can deliver customised AI talks for any industry and sector)
  • Big Data – the datafication of business and society, impact, challenges
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution – why it is here and how to prepare for it
  • The future of business – key business and technology trends
  • The future of work – the rise of intelligent robots and the transformation of work
  • Why blockchain will transform the world (but not yet)
  • Strategy – how to get it right and avoid the key pitfalls
  • How to measure and manage what matters

For more topic ideas feel free to browse the topics and content section of this site.

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Stuart FB Frankel, CEO, Narrative Science

  Bernard Marr Has A Rare Ability To Make Complex Topics Understandable For Even The Least Technical Among Us...  

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