Bernard Marr is a prolific writer. He is the internationally bestselling and award-winning author of 16 books and thousands of thought-leadership articles, case studies and white papers. He also contributes a regular column to Forbes and has written for The Times, Guardian, Wall Street Journal, FT, and many others. 

Bernard would be happy to discuss writing for your business. He regularly writes content for clients ranging from blog posts to white papers and customised books.

In addition to the content creation, Bernard can help reach millions of readers via his social media promotions and influencer services.

Below you will find some of the writing services Bernard offers.

Andrew Salesky, SVP, Global Data Officer, Charles Schwab

   Leveraging data to drive competitive advantage has shifted from being an option to a requirement, and Bernard Marr provides a comprehensive roadmap for leaders focused on mapping and assessing their journey   

Case Studies

One of the most powerful ways to demonstrate success is through case studies. Bernard Marr has written and promoted hundreds of best practice case studies featuring the innovative things companies and government organisations are doing, including recent cases featuring Google, Rolls Royce, Walmart, Shell, Facebook, Microsoft, GE, Uber, Walt Disney, IBM, Apple, Amazon and many more.

Customised Books and eBooks

Bernard Marr can offer customized editions of his existing books or the creation of completely new sponsored books or eBooks. A customised book can make a great customer or employee giveaway. Bernard’s publishers are able to customise his books for clients starting from your company logo on the book cover, some text about your company on the back cover, to customised content like a foreword, specific case studies within the book, or a completely new book.

Blog Posts & Articles

Bernard Marr is able to write engaging, informative and thought leading blog posts and articles for you. Depending on your goals, these can either be featured on your website, in a magazine or on one of Bernard’s blogs, and promoted across all of Bernard’s social channels.

White Papers

A more substantial piece of content would be a thought leadership white paper that can be used to drive brand awareness and act as a powerful lead generator. Bernard Marr has written many influential white papers for organisations including Accenture, Microsoft, Cambridge University, CIMA, CMA, Hitachi, and many more - covering specific management and technology topics as well as industry trends and global forecasts.

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