Managing And Delivering Performance In Your Organisation - Workshop

This course is about learning how to use the latest business performance management processes to manage what really matters in your organisation. Performance management tools are used by organisations to manage, improve, and monitor the delivery of their strategic performance goals. Therefore, managing business performance is THE key task of any executive or manager.

If organisations get it right, their BPM processes allow them to define and communicate their strategic goals, measure and monitor progress, analyse performance, report progress, reduce risks and manage and improve business performance. During the workshop we will be recognising the performance management gaps in your organisation and identify the most appropriate tools and processes to implement in order to improve the way performance is managed and delivered.

This course will cover the main tools and many practical tips and insights from global best-practice companies. Participants will get hands-on experience of how to apply many of the world’s most popular performance management tools to drive success and performance improvements.



This course is particularly relevant for boards and senior executive teams as well as for internal strategy management and performance teams. It can also be delivered as a customised program for specific business units or as part of internal leadership development programmes.

As with all our courses, the course content will be customised to your exact needs, can be delivered in a format that best suits you, targeted to any level in the organisation, and can take place on your premises or at any convenient off-site location of your choice.

Key Topics
• Performance management frameworks
• Measuring performance
• Aligning initiative management
• Monitoring and analysing performance
• Key Performance Indicators
• Performance review processes
• Performance improvement culture

Course Objectives / Learning Outcomes
• See why performance management matters more than ever before
• Learn key tools for managing, measuring and improving corporate performance
• Understand how to link performance management to strategic goals and priorities
• Understand Strategy Maps, Balanced Scorecards and other models
• See how to align performance management with budgeting, project management, lean projects and risk management
• Learn how to identify what to measure and monitor
• See how to set the right performance targets
• Understand best practice management dashboard design
• See how to best visualise and communicate performance insights
• Understand how to align everyone in the organisation with the strategic objectives
• Understand the role of incentives and aligning them with your objectives
• Learn how to create a culture of evidence-based management and continuous improvement

No specific knowledge or skills are required prior to taking part in this course.

Bernard Marr has delivered customised training courses for many of the world's best-known brands - and would be happy to consider delivering training for your business, too.

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